series finale of humanity

3 days prior to US election, I wrote something that was meant to be out of satire and humor but it is turning into an episode recap on somewhere like Entertainment Weekly or IMDB for all of the world to see what a hot fucking mess we have gotten ourselves into:

“the TV program lineup coming up is hella lit. so hyped for the new season of sense8 and david lynch’s twin peaks reboot. but i think the show I’m curious about the most is the series finale of Humanity.

a show set in the not so distant dystopian future where racist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic america finally got its way and their shockingly telegenic leader who is actually a talking orange orangutang followed through with everything he said he was going to do which led to the collapse of global institutions and social progress and the obliteration of entire regions on the world map. for the minority of the world population who did survive, things do not look very optimistic as planet earth has ceased to be livable but the ones who did survive were able to do so because like cockroaches, to compensate for a severe lack of common sense, empathy, and compassion, they were born with a natural genetic mutation of superhuman resilience making them immune to extreme weather changes and rational arguments.

denying the existence of climate change and science all the while blaming all of their misfortunes on the previous leader of the free world, Baroque Ohana and immigrants and asylum seeking refugees and gays, this fearless motley crew of dynastic duck hunters, boat shoes wearing trust fund kids who were legacies at elite educational institutions who later grew up to become corporate boardroom advisors and members of congress (and sometimes even the president of the united states), and open carry assault weapon enthusiasts would venture out into the brave new world claiming everything of what has remained as theirs. the final episode of this series ends with the discovery of other inhabitable planets.

i hear that time warner has signed a deal for joint custody of intellectual property rights for the spin off series to Humanity with another corporate oligarch, where in this series the lone survivors of planet earth venture out into the galaxy colonizing and exploiting other planets all the while bringing them disease and shame telling them that they are there to emancipate and liberate them from the tyranny of their barbarian and obsolete ways of life excitedly proclaiming how they are now free and their lives are so much better because now they get to choose between comcast or Verizon as their internet service providers. because if they don’t free these people from their macabre lives, china will. season 7 of GoT won’t even compare! hella dope shit coming soon yo”

Hello brave new world


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