statute of limitations on adult irresponsibility

I feel like it has become a national past time hobby for the United States of America to shit on millennials. Granted, my (American) generation as a whole does have many vapid and irritating habits. But what happens when you encounter people from outside your generation who are more irresponsible, reckless, and frustrating than you are?

It just means that you can’t generalize people by arbitrary make believe social constructs.

I have been seeing a guy for a few weeks and tonight I told him that it was best for us to go our separate ways and I told him to delete my number from his phonebook forever for a variety of different reasons: A.) He was terrible about communicating both in person and through electronic devices. B.) Bad kisser. C.) How the fuck are you 39 and is still in a group home living situation where you aren’t even at the stage of responsibility or income bracket where even within a group home living situation that you don’t even have your own personal bathroom???

Like seriously fuck that bullshit. I’d rather be single forever than have to put up with that sort of incompetence in my life. I tell myself and everyone that money is not everything in life but at the same time, it is a seriously hard pill to swallow when I see someone where they grew up in an upper middle class white family, went to an Ivy League college, didn’t even grow up as a millennial when the economy just wanted to take a collective shit on all of us and still has the audacity to fuck up and they don’t have money because they’re pursuing a passion or a dream but just because they are a dead beat.

And society has the audacity to tell millennials that we are a group of fuck ups? Fuck that. My stock basket is doing well, I don’t plan to recklessly spend or procreate and at least I and the rest of my generation knows when to say when. It’s when I meet someone as incompetent and shitty like this dude where I see republicans and say, oh I guess I do actually get where you’re coming from (to an extent).

Mic drop.

Good night.


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